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5 answers

Should I Buy A Sony PCM-M10?

I have a first generation M-Audio Microtrack (which I'm not a fan of) and was looking to pickup another portable recorder that I can fit in my pocket and barely notice it's there. This guy is getting ...
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3 answers

Adjusting recording levels in the Sony PCM-M10

I have a Sony PCM-M10 but am having trouble recording bird songs. I am using the built-in microphones. In most cases the recording level is too low. Basically the problem is that the bird is ...
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1 vote
7 answers

Sony PCM D50 vs PCM M10 ( internal mics)

Is the PCM D50 really woth twice the price compared with the M10? I want them for recording ambiences, birds, waterfalls, animals... Is there such a big diference with the internal mics or not (...
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Sony PCM-M10 with a shotgun mic?

Hello, I've seen this question asked regarding the Sony PCM-D50 but have yet to find an answer as to how this sort of thing works for the M10. So is there a way to use a shotgun mic with the M10? I'...
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Sony PCM-M10: safety track?

Suppose I feed an actress' mono lavalier mic into M10's Line-in. AFAIK there is no built-in safety track feature on M10, where I could set one channel's level to be say 12dB lower in case she yells. ...
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2 answers

Sony PCM-M10 for ambient recording while WALKING

OK, so it's easy to do when you are not moving, but I need to walk and record ambient sound at the same time. (but not chew gum LOL) Practical example: dual recording for video. Camera is mounted on ...
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SD 702 or Mixpre-D field recording upgrade path

currently going back and forth between the options for my next field recorder upgrade and would love some input. Have been working with the Sony PCM-M10 + NTG-3 + NT-4 for the past year and a bit for ...
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Is the Sony PCM-M10 suitable with Rode NTG-2?

I've recently bought the Sony - PCM-M10 as an external recorder to accompany my Sony a6000 camera which doesn't have any external microphone input. While I really like the sound of the build-in mics ...
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MixPre-D into Sony PCM M10 - Low Line-in Level Problem

Hi Guys, I record interviews for radio. I just bought a MixPre-D, a Sony PCM M10, and a BeyerDynamic M58. I'm finding that I can't get good recorded levels going from [MixPre-D "Tape Out"] into [...
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Recording mono compatible audio with Sony PCM-M10 (RE50N/D-B mic)

I am recording with the Sony PCM-M10 using the RE50N/D-B mic with an XLR to 1/8" cable. This creates a stereo file. I've previously tried mixing this down to mono, but the L and R channels seem to ...
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