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What to record in Dubai?

I'm visiting Dubai for a vacation next week and want to also do a little field recording. Has anyone any suggestions of good places to record, interesting markets etc. I'm intending to go to the top ...
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External Mic use (eg. Rode NTG-2) with the Sony PCM-D50 and Zoom H4n

There are a couple of questions on here that are similar, and I've looked at several reviews etc but thought it'd still be worthwhile asking for opinions on my situation. I'm fairly new to the SD ...
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Connecting MixPre-D to a Sony PCM D-50 via a OPT-S/PDIF AES-EBU Converter?

Looking at the new MixPre-D by Sound Devices I got the idea that perhaps it would be possible to connect it to a Sony PCM D-50 digitally. After some googling I found out that there indeed are portable ...
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Battery powered Shotgun Mic for use with PCM d-50

I'm looking for a decent shotugn mic for field recording but I'm not sure I want to go down the broadcast mixer route just yet. Does anyone have any experience of using shotgun mic's with one of these ...
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