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Best hidden device for sound recording outdoor interviews

Hello sound enthusiasts! I have been looking for a good sound recording device to use outside for interviewing people. I do want it to be hidden, so that it's invisible to the person I'm interviewing. ...
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ADR- Sound Outdoors?

Hey Guys, So I've recorded some ADR, (I wasn't able to do it outdoors at the time) and now I need it to sound outdoors. In the past I've ran the signal through a speaker outside (worldizing) and re-...
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Outdoor Reverb/Delay?

I'm doing some sound design for a scene that takes place outside in front of a farmhouse, but all of the sound for it is being recorded indoors. I've got the outdoor ambiance sounds covered just fine, ...
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How do you edit out wind?

I'm using a Sony MZ-M10 with the stock mic, and a sock wrapped around it (not much wind protection). I just recorded the recycling truck making its rounds, but the wind blew just before it drove off. ...
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Building a Soundscape

Scenario: Animated feature from Pixar. No production sound except actor dialogue/effects. Scenes are outside. Suburban and desert. Lots of foley/moving actions. Different perspectives. How would ...
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