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Best hidden device for sound recording outdoor interviews

Hello sound enthusiasts! I have been looking for a good sound recording device to use outside for interviewing people. I do want it to be hidden, so that it's invisible to the person I'm interviewing. ...
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how to record waterfalls

I am new to audio recording. I need a natural sounding waterfall flowing throughout a gorge for this picture >>> After recording ...
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Local Council needs recording device for barking dog matter

I have been tasked with finding options for our government council to purchase an outdoor recording device we can possibly attach to a fence, post, car or tree to monitor some of our VIP Nuisance ...
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How to protect microphone in rain while recording frog calls?

What is the best, inexpensive way to protect my Behringer ECM 8000 microphone from rain while attempting to record frog calls outdoors? I am a graduate student with no funding, so inexpensive is ...
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Best recording set up for student work

Hi all, I'm a sound production student and i'm looking into doing quite a lot of loud effects recordings i.e car tyre screeching, engine recordings aswell as some outdoor speech recordings and crowd "...
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Best wind protection for podium microphones?

I have an issue with a gig I do every few months. I record live speeches in outdoor environments around the world. Some of the locations can get extremely windy within a matter of minutes. What I ...
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