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Can you improve compression of multiple similar songs? [closed]

You probably heared of tar. It combines multiple files/directories into a single archive. After that one can compress this archive with gzip, zstd, xz, etc. If compressing similar files, the ...
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Why does Adobe Audition compute the effects that are disabled?

I noticed (by observing the impact on the latency between Adobe Audition's input and Adobe Audition's output) that Adobe Audition computes the effects that have been disabled. Is there any point in ...
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FMod Memory Optimization

Hey there, Does FMod Multitrack events, loads a sound def to memory only when it's called by the Multitrack Event, and, kills events when they aren't needed anymore? Or does FMod load all the event ...
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Pro Tools Problems?

I'm making a Pro Tools “Community Wiki” on here since we seem to get a lot of Pro Tools related tech questions. It seems a bit unnecessary to clog this place up with tech issues where the info can be ...