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Use of LinkedIn for jobs and links

Hello This might be a silly question to ask, but for the sake of curiosity about experience of others... How do you use LinkedIn for: 1) Finding jobs 2) Finding people with whom you talk or meet ...
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DC Power Outages

Following the massive storm that knocked out power to many areas on the East Coast, I'm just wondering if anyone is taking advantage of the lack of air conditioners humming and grabbing some nice ...
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What to record in a 2-mile tunnel.

I just got back from a trip where there was a 2-mile long railroad tunnel which part of a railroad track that was later made into a mountain-bike trail. Needless to say I brought my recording ...
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How would you get your career started?

Hello world! I'd like us to share our opinions on the best way(s) to start working in sound design and film sound in general. This is a recurring question that I am asking it to myself just now, and ...
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