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YouTube BEDROOM Studio Microphone Upgrade: NTG3 to MKH 416 worth it?

I've been making YouTube videos for several years now. I started with a Sennheiser ME 2 omni-directional lavalier, it was good but somehow there was too much RF in my room and I could never get rid ...
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Is the Sony PCM-M10 suitable with Rode NTG-2?

I've recently bought the Sony - PCM-M10 as an external recorder to accompany my Sony a6000 camera which doesn't have any external microphone input. While I really like the sound of the build-in mics ...
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Fostex FR2 doesn't record loud enough? Help

I'm a newbie at sound recording (and I really suck at physics, so still can't get my head around the technical part of sound) Anyway I own a Zoom H4n and Røde NTG2 and I found tge recordings extremely ...
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Fostex FR2 LE + Rode NTG2 quiet input

Hello, I recently bought an Fostex FR2 LE and a RODE NTG2 in order to create a starter kit for sound recording in the field. I have performed numerous test recordings over the past few days but the ...
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External Mic use (eg. Rode NTG-2) with the Sony PCM-D50 and Zoom H4n

There are a couple of questions on here that are similar, and I've looked at several reviews etc but thought it'd still be worthwhile asking for opinions on my situation. I'm fairly new to the SD ...
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Tips for Motorbike recording?

Hey guys, I'll be recording a motorbike at the weekend for the first time and was looking for some tips! I have a Rode NTG-2 (w/ blimp) and NT1-A, a pair of sontronics STC-1s's and the zoom h4n's ...
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zoom h4+rode ntg-2(other external mic, too) = extremely low volume

greetings, I like field recording both in city and nature environment and have a question: I've been using Zoom h4 with its internal mics and really like it. I tried three different types of ...
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