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The New MAC Pro and Protools [closed]

I am a lecturer at a University and there are some consideration for buying the latest MAC Pro (The Trash can) to run our Protools 10. There has been serious apprehension regarding this from the money ...
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Endangered Sounds: Which sounds will be gone in a few years?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if you could get me some hints on this topic: Which sounds will be gone in a few years and which sounds are already gone from our planet? (Erveryday life, not films) ...
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Internship in New York City

What companies do you recommend? Where have people had good experiences? Going to start making cold calls. Is this a good idea? Thanks for your help.
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Izotope's Iris vs Camel Audio's Alchemy - Initial reactions?

Having just spent some time with Izotope's new Iris synth AND having been an Alchemy user, I ask you this: Which do you, upon first glance, prefer? I have to say Alchemy. It just seems to have ...
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New Portable Recorders for 2012: Olympus LS-100 and Tascam DR-100 Mk2; anyone had a go?!

Hi All, I know the questions asked about portable recorders on here are numerous and repetitive but this is a very simple "question" about two devices that will be new to the market this year, within ...
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General Noob Quesions

Hello, A few of you might know me from posting about free/affordable Vst's the other day, and also thanks for anyone who responded to that! Anyways, I've been interested in making sound design the ...
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hey new yorkers, who's recording occupy wallstreet?

over 15000 people there right now, and they've been doing things like the "human microphone" which seem really cool. [youtube]JCjs7YTxcVU[/youtube] who's rolling on this? Wanna trade? :) edit: ...
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New product: Rode Lavalier Mic

I just popped into the Rode site to check specs on the NT5 and lo and behold: They have just released the Rode lavalier mic! Anyone ...
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