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Kontakt player not available as a Pro Tools 11 plugin [closed]

I have just installed the komplete elements program onto my mac, and for some reason the Kontakt player is not available as an instrument plugin in pro tools. I am running Pro Tools 11 on Mac OS X ...
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Protools 10 what is a 32-bit floating point about?

Today I started a course on protools 10, there are a few things I just can't get my head around. What exactly is a 32 bit floating point? I understand there are 6 Db between each bit (i.e 16 bit= ...
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Waves Native Power Pack

Right now Sweetwater is selling this package for $180. I don't have any Waves plug-ins and am still using the EQ and D-Verb that came with Pro Tools. Would this be a wise investment?
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