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Does Bluetooth Multipoint allow for playing music on an iPhone and a tutorial YouTube on a PC at the same time?

I am having trouble establishing whether Bluetooth Multipoint can stream (and therefor mix) two separate audio streams from say an iPhone and Windows PC for listening to music from the iPhone quietly ...
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Program for mixing multiple inputs and outputting to single stream

Is there some software that I can use that cane take multiple audio inputs, say from a mic, and two virtual audio cables, mix them so I can change volumes and gain and all that, and then output to ...
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Yamaha TF5 USB Output to ProPresenter

How do I bring in Yamaha TF5 USB channel output (33&34) to ProPresenter (only 16 channels)? For now, I am having to use FocusRite and it is causing ProPresenter to have a memory leak (crashes ...
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Multi-channel recording of sounds in a car using multiple microphones

I'm new to the field. I would like to set up a decent quality (at least 16 bit, 22kHz) multi-channel recording experiment using at least 6 microphones with a budget of ~100-300 bucks to record sounds ...
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Bit OT: Looking for a multi-track player that can chase SMPTE or MTC

If this is too off-topic here I can move it, maybe to Video Production? I'm looking for a device or Mac/PC app that can play six audio tracks (WAV preferred) in sync with incoming SMPTE or Midi ...
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