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Is this normal for an NTG2?

I get this weird phashy sounding effect whenever I move the microphone. It only happens when I'm using the battery and I don't get it whenever I use phantom. For reference I included a track with ...
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URGENT. Subtle air movements

So, I've been asked to play cleanup man on a sound design of a network logo. There are a lot of "literal" things going on which have been cut, but I'm going to nix them and ultimately I want to just ...
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How best to record dialogue whilst walking using portable device

Hi, Basically as the title states. I'm well aware that portable devices are very sensitive to movement, but does that mean it isn't really feasible to try record conversation whilst walking for ...
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Implying gracefulness

I'm looking for ideas or existing examples of sound designing grace and elegance in motion. Exacting, fluid movements that can also be sharp and deadly. Without giving too much away (NDAs and all) the ...
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How much do you move your mics while capturing ambiences?

While recording ambiences, do you let you mics sit still and not move them at all for the amount of time you record or do you move them around to get a more dynamic/changing sound? I tried some ...
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Transformation Scene

Hello Everyone, I'm working on sound design for a shortfilm involving main character, who has 2 personalities, transform into his evil version, thru violent head-shaking movement. The actor make some ...
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