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4 votes
4 answers

Creating sound for 'light streaks'

I work on motion graphics, and have a project coming up with a lot of light elements and moving/flowing light streaks. I've used wooshes before, layered with reverse bells and cymbals. Sometimes ...
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Slow motion foley?

I am working on a short that is mostly slow motion (shot MOS). Not severely, but enough to give it a surreal quality. This is opening the door for a lot of sound design moments, which is great, but I ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Slow Motion Comedic Action Effect

This is a "what is that" sort of question, and also, a "why can't I find an example of it" question. In some older martial arts movies, and goofy action sequences, the action will slow down as some ...
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My First Time...

Hi everyone! I just uploaded my first draft of a video a friend made. I composed the music/othersounds. I would love if you guys and girls could take a minute (it's actually shorter than that) and ...
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Disorientated Slow Motion Film Effects

Hi, Am doing a film where someone is murdered and a family member witness' it and as she runs to help the film is shot in slow motion and the sound needs to disorientating, weird and warped. Apart ...
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