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I need help extracting instruments or finding a sounfont for the Yamaha PSR-280

I acquired a Yamaha PSR-280. It came with audio issues that I temporarily fixed but it then returned. I found out that It was a hardware flaw. Some chip kept loosening or something. This is when I got ...
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I want to learn about the programming behind audio modification programs

I'm intrigued by the applications like Viper4Android. What language(s) should I know and what concepts? Specifically, I can't seem to find any good audio modification program (or even a good simple ...
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Black Lion Audio Mods?

I'm going to upgrade from my original Mbox 2 to an Mbox 3 soon. I was browsing around the internet for a bunch of stuff when I stumbled upon this. I ...
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Edirol R-44 mic preamp mods

I am thinking about upgrading the preamps in my Edirol R-44 as I really like the recorder, but find the mic preamps a little noisy. If you have modified yours, which mod did you go for and how ...
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Pinna iPhone Construction

A variety of mics has to be the equivalent to the swiss army knife of field recording. Some very unique and useful recordings have come from iPhone microphones. Whether it be some random ambience, a ...
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Understanding convolution and subtle processing to alter timbres of sounds

When you use convolution reverb to alter the timbre of a sound, does anybody have some ideas about how this works? For example, you load an IR of a metal ride cymbal and you send voices through it, ...
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Best way to record a phone?

Okay so I have a couple reasons why I need to record a phone: 1) To get an authentic phone futz signal for a film where some dialogue needs to sound like it's on the phone. 2) A radio show I record ...
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Oktava 012 & mods

Anyone out there own a MK-012, and if so, have you had the Michael Joly modification done to it? Curious to know how differently it performs and if it's worth the $$. Also, your thoughts on the omni, ...
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Modification for an SM57?

I was told by a renowned voice over talent that you can modify an SM57 to sound a lot better. It sounded like an electronics mod requiring soldering. Anyone else heard of this or know where I can ...
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