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A mixer is used to mix (add) audio signals by varying amounts. Mixers can be hardware or software and can vary from small software tools to large physical desks. See "mixing" tag for more. Use for questions related to the use of mixers.

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i want learn ''production sound mixing'' for film, particularly everything about the field mixer and what it can do for me. any DVD/book tutorial?

i know how to use boom, microphone, cable and all its function to its best. but when i use 2microphone or more i don't know how to operate my field mixer. actually i don't know anything about mixer. i ...
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Do I need a DI BOX when sending signal from a mix console to another device?

I'll be sending a signal from mix console's AUX output to another device to record it. Do I need to put a DIBOX inbetween these two devices, or not? The AUX output is a standard 6.3 jack connector, ...
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Yamaha MG24 vs. Digi002

I've got a Yamaha MG24/14FX and a digi 002 sitting on my desk. I'm debating what signal path I'd like to use. Which piece of gear has better preamps? Here's the Yamaha mixer: http://www.sweetwater....
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The Walking Dead S2 mixes, what's wrong?

Can someone tell me who is mixing the 2nd season of The Walking Dead ? For what is this guy paid ? Awful ambiences going down during dialogue then up again with an awful pomping effect... What do ...
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How can I combine various audio inputs into 1 optical ouput to feed into my surround sound?

I have a setup in my house where I have 1 surround sound in a room with 4 things connected to it w/ optical audio and 1 with the standard red/white cables. What I want to do is be able to do is listen ...
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Recorder/Mixer Bag

Hi everyone, Im in need of a decent bag to carry my Zoom H4N, PSC Mixer, Headphones, Spare cables etc. I know that portbrace do plenty but my budget wont stretch too much right now so i was wondering ...
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The process of editing and mixing

Between these two phases of work, how does your workflow or the "normal" workflow commence? Say you are editing backgrounds…you create backgrounds. As an editor, do you volume graph/automate them to ...
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Entry Level Field Mixer

Hi, I'm wondering what a entry level field mixer would be/cost? I'd like to have an indoor recording package and have a Zoom for recorder but the pre-amps are too noisy for what I can tolerate. I'm ...
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Do analog mixers boost mic level to line level?

Does your typical analog non-powered mixer boost the mic inputs to line level for all the signal processing ie. effects, eq, panning, or does it remain mic level?
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S/PDIF from PC to Mixer

Background: I have a Yamaha LS9-32 mixer and I'm getting a new sound card for my PC to interface with the mixer. From the Yamaha LS9-32 User Manual: 2TR IN DIGITAL jack This is a coaxial ...
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7 answers

USB DAW Fader controller

Has anyone had experience with the Presonus Faderport or Frontier Design AlphaTrack?
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3 answers

Bag combo for a field recorder/mixer

I'm looking into buying a Fostex FR2-LE and already have a Sound Devices MixPre. Does anyone know of a bag that would hold both the recorder and mixer? I looked at porta brace but couldn't find what I ...
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2 answers

Digital Mixer for unique art/performance space

I would deeply appreciate some advice for a mixer for our new art/performance space. we have the capability to have 12 inputs into the system, and 12 separate speakers. We would like a mixer that ...
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Anyone using a SD 702 with a SD mixer?

Just ordered a 702 for sfx recording and was wondering if anyone else finds it helpful to pair it with a mixer. It seems slightly unnecessary although I know it could be useful for certain ...
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What are the rights of a Re-Recording Mixer?

Dear All, I am right now working on mixing a documentary for broadcast TV. There are quite a few sound effects I'd like changed and/or reworked from scratch from my own personal taste because the ...
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552 Mixer or 702 Recorder? (Sound Devices)

Background: My main focus is sound effects recording. A very close second at the moment is onset recording (no huge productions though). I own a Fostex FR2 but it is slowly dying on me. It won't ...
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