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A mixer is used to mix (add) audio signals by varying amounts. Mixers can be hardware or software and can vary from small software tools to large physical desks. See "mixing" tag for more. Use for questions related to the use of mixers.

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TRS 3.5mm microphone not working in mixer

I can't get my microphone to work in my mixer. It is a standard 3.5mm TRS headset microphone. I have it plugged into a 3.5mm TRS to 1/4" TRS adapter, which is plugged into a 1/4" TRS to XLR adapter. I ...
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How to get AUX send mono signal converted to stereo?

I have a small mixer (Soundcraft Spirit Folio Lite) with 2 AUX sends that I want to use for monitoring. I'm plugging one of those AUX sends to the CD/MP3 in of my POD HD500X guitar multieffect so I ...
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PA Mixer monitor - mono to stereo headphones

Using the monitor output my PA Mixer, Yamaha EMX66M, to a Sterling S104H headphone amp via a TRS cable, I am only getting sound in one ear. The mixer is mono, so I assume the monitor out isn't capable ...
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How to connect Powered Subwoofer to Mixer?

I have two Alto TS210 Powered Active Speakers connected to Yamaha MG06 Mixer, which is then connected to my laptop via Stereo Y-Cable. That setup is working fine, however, I would like to now add a ...
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Mono vs Stereo connections

I have an RCA stereo connector with a single 1/8 inch pin. I want to connect to a mixer with a 1/4 to 1/4 mono cable to either a mono channel or stereo channel and would like the best way to do it. ...
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How to connect stereo output to mono speaker?

My mixer has 1/4" STEREO out L and R (+4 dbu) and music store sold me 1/4" male to male one ring (mono) cable so just want to check is this a right cable to connect with speaker? I have only one ...
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Noise connecting mixer to PC

I've got a Xenyx1202FX that I am trying to use to record some stuff. I connect it to the PC throughout the stereo main out into the PC (win7) line in. I am also using a UK-> EURO power adapter. ...
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How do I use the Insert I/O on my Behringer Mixer?

My Behringer X2442USB has a feature called Insert I/O. I understand what Behringer has to say about this feature but now how to use it. From the manual, INSERT Insert points enable the processing ...
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Multiple IEM mixes / multiple transmitters?

I'm wondering how to have multiple IEM mixes. So the drummer hears a mix different than the lead vocals mix. I know one way to do this is, pan some instruments left and right and send mono signals to ...
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Does the device I'm looking for exist?

I'm looking for a simple USB interface that would provide multiple 3.5mm jack audio inputs to my computer. I've been searching on the web but all I can find is too complicated, with professional ...
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What Soundcraft Spirit Folio 12/2 mixing desk/console outputs are balanced?

I'm looking at the schematic on page 20 of the manual and am not sure myself if the outputs are balanced or unbalanced. I would like to plug stereo outputs using balanced 6.35mm jacks from either Mix ...
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