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Guitar rig settings to get a deathcore sound on guitar

I am trying to make a deathcore sound on guitar rig software for guitar but cannot find something decent. I tried downloading some presets but either they weren't good enough or they were not ...
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Making metal music without real instruments

I am searching for software that can be used to make metal music. Is there anything good?! Doesn't matter if it is paid or free software.
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What do we call this kind of vocal effect?

In this youtube video, the vocal sound effect start from 0.29 to 0.32. I was looking for a tutorial how to make that kind of vocal effect. I tried to type on youtube search such as "metal drop ...
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Swinging of a blade

Hello, does anyone here know how to simulate a long swinging of a blade? You know that high pitched sound you get when you have hit a metal. It does not seem to be a simple sinus tone. There seems to ...
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Metal stab sound

So, I'm trying to make a metal stab for one of our robots who has big blade like arms. I tried stabbing a soda can with a butcher knife, but I'm not loving the result. Pitched down it just sounds like ...
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[How To Question] Specific scrape sound

Hey there, I'm trying to reproduce this spesific SFX, but i couldn't figure out how to create that scrape. Regular sword (fish slice) scrapes just won't work. Any ideas? the sound:
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inside a metal helmet like resonating SciFi Voice FX

I was wondering, if anybody knows if this audio clip is processed with delay, resonators, or is it something like altiverb ADR kinda effect, that's also been used in many sci-fi genre type of media eg....
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Which Mic to use for recording small metallic buttons etc?

I'm going to record a lot of small metallic stuff in the coming weeks, and thought about which mic would fit the job best. These are all small metal buttons, metal switches, metal clings/clangs. ...
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Transformers sound design

Hi guys I'm currently working on a project that includes enormous robots transforming, I've read a lot about the sound of transformers and I've been experimenting with a lot of different techniques ...
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Reused Metal Groan in Video Games

I've been noticing this sound being used quite a bit mainly in video games, and I'm just curious if anyone knows where its from, it's obviously from a library. Doom 3 (@ 0:36): [youtube]quS52KtB8Kw[/...
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Mics for metal (screaming vocals)

I was just wondering, if you record a metal band with a vocalist who screams, which microphones do you find to be the cleanest and most applicable?
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