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Audio File Organization

Regardless of how you organize your library in databases like SoundMiner, Basehead, etc., how do you sanely file your recordings on your hard drive, especially between initial ingestion of the raw ...
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4 answers

sfx library codewords

Once your library reaches a certain size then you start needing codewords to jump to the specific sounds you're looking for quickly. This is especially true with common sounds like impacts, whooshes ...
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3 votes
4 answers

Which program are you using to embed metadata in wav files?

I'm looking to add metadata to my library of effects. Which program are you using to embed metadata in wav files? Is this metadata readable by most database programs? (Soundminer, Basehead, etc.)
7 votes
3 answers

How do I prepare my sound files professionally to share with others?

Hello. I have a question about embedding the correct sort of metadata and general professional preparation for my sound files so I can pass to others and it'll be appropriate for their professional ...
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The Specifics of Meta-Data

How exactly is meta-data organized within the files themselves? Are there generic categories setup within the data structure of a .wav, or can they be assigned manually, i.e. differently by each ...
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