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1 answer

How to duplicate a VST on Mac?

I want to use a sampler that can only address a maximum amount of RAM, but I want to add even more instruments. If I duplicate the .component or the .vst inside the Plugin folder, it still shows up as ...
3 votes
1 answer

FMod Memory Optimization

Hey there, Does FMod Multitrack events, loads a sound def to memory only when it's called by the Multitrack Event, and, kills events when they aren't needed anymore? Or does FMod load all the event ...
2 votes
2 answers

Separating real sounds from sound design before you record.

When I was watching the Transformers: ROTF Sound Profile for the Reedman Scene (about 5 minutes in), there was the sound of the little steel balls rolling around on the floor and it sounded, to me, ...
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1 answer

What solid state memory do you use?

I was wondering about what brands on memory people were using? I have always stuck to Sandisk Extreme III and have had no problems, but I have heard some horror stories and wondered what every one ...