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Incorrect Album and Attribution in Windows Media Player

After exporting an audio mixdown from DAW to (WMA or MP3) and editing applicable tags with appropriate software, Media Player in Windows 10 often still gets album, artist and other attribution ...
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What is the name of this kind of audio connector? [closed]

It's the entry point of my 5+1 philips home cinema system. There are 12 points for 6 cables and every cable has 2 points to connect. I want to learn the name of the connector, so I can search if there ...
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Best specs for Sound bites (Media Release)

We are preparing a bunch of short sound bites to accompany a media release. Wondering what specs are recommended for the audio recordings submitted to news/media outlets?
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How to record audio wirelessly at 500m

How can we recieve audio sound at a very long distance through wireless media? For example, a man talking to another man at a distance of 500 meters, I want to record that at the same distance through ...
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Game Audio Podcasts/Vidcasts

There has been a post for podcasts on SSD before, but I wanted to thread game audio media. Video-casting has been popular for a bit, now that we have programs that host the content for quick download ...
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Is what we hear as important as what we see in contemporary media experience?

This might not be the right place to get an objective answer to this question, as I assume most of us value sound higher than the average person, but could we even say sound is just as important as ...
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