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Connecting Microphone (Shure sm58) to Avid Mbox

My question is very basic and simple - is the cable XlR-TRS on end able to connect my microphone to Avid Mbox? For now it’s not working, but I’m not sure if that’s my fault and I didn’t set up mbox ...
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Black Lion Audio Mods?

I'm going to upgrade from my original Mbox 2 to an Mbox 3 soon. I was browsing around the internet for a bunch of stuff when I stumbled upon this. I ...
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Anyone play 5.1 DVD's through their Macbook Pro/Mbox Pro?

Just wondering if it possible to listen in surround using Apples' DVD Player on my Macbook Pro through an Mbox Pro. Or would I need an external DVD player? Before I buy the Mbox Pro I wanted to make ...
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Pro Tools 9 and aggregate device use

I have an original MBox that doesn't play well with PT9 HD. Poor thing just sits on the shelf all day, waiting to be put to good use. Can I use it as an aggregate device with the new version of Pro ...
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