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Questions regarding the final stage of audio post production. Mastering refers to the process of taking the final mix of a song and processing it for the master data storage device from which all copies will be made.

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Do you do any mastering to your film mixes?

I "grew up" under the wing of a Music Mixer, and got my start doing music related audio work, and I am very familiar in the mastering techniques for Music albums and the like. I am now working almost ...
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How to widen a sound effects dynamics? Uncompression?

Hey guys, I have done a lot of sound design using some punches, body falls, kicks, etc. that were mashed and mastered and normalized and compressed and every-which-way processed. Does anyone have a ...
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Making your track "sparkle"

Have you been in this situation? You spend days (and possibly weeks) creating your sound design masterpiece but find that it lacks that certain…something. It's hard to put your finger on it. The best ...
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