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Questions regarding the final stage of audio post production. Mastering refers to the process of taking the final mix of a song and processing it for the master data storage device from which all copies will be made.

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Lunchboxes on the master bus

Curious what combinations people have used in lunchboxes on the master bus or any summing bus for that matter and whether or not they feel it's worth the purchase over ITB. Less of a general ITB v OTB ...
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Decompressing a track during mastering?

I was watching the video for Skrillex's Mumbai Power where he famously shows Izotope's Insight reading -3.7 LUFS for a short portion of the track before the second drop: ...
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How do I make my songs sound more clear?

Whenever I export a song and play it on normal speakers (phone, laptop, etc.), the high end is sort of there, but the full body of the song is lacking in a huge chunk of the high end, and as a result ...
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Project not bouncing to MP3 because of Master Track in Channel Strip List

I accidentally inserted a Master track into my list of Channel Strips (I'm new, not sure what that does, but I can't get rid of it). I just want to bounce my project to MP3 but it seems like nothing ...
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How should hard hitting music like EDM be mastered?

I'm in the process of mixing and finishing a hard EDM track. It has a lot of bass and highs and it's transients are really hard and tight. I've come across this article which talks about LUFS and how ...
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What is special about remastering (compared to regular mastering)?

What are the typical circumstances and steps involved in remastering? I'm thinking about things such as origin of program material, types of processing and perhaps things that are special in ...
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Client asking for AES Channels 1 & 2 render

Hello, I've rendered audio content for radio and TV/commercials before, but rendering out a simple wav or mp3 has always been sufficient; as long as the ceiling was set to the appropriate level. ...
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