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nuendo4 as a music production program?

I know it's been a while, I'm proud to note though. that I'm sorted with nuendo4 as far as sound design is concerned. It is a steinberg product and the company is known for it's cubase roots. I'm ...
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Metal stab sound

So, I'm trying to make a metal stab for one of our robots who has big blade like arms. I tried stabbing a soda can with a butcher knife, but I'm not loving the result. Pitched down it just sounds like ...
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Hackintosh for an HD rig.

Hey guys, I really wanna upgrade my Mac, but am really looking into just building a more powerful rig for cheap (cheaper)..I just want to use it as a protools machine. I've built PCs in the past but ...
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Suggestions for what to record for a sci fi machine.

I'm working on a sci fi short film right now. One of the major elements in the film is a machine that keeps people from dying. Upon death, the soul leaves the body, stays in a "test" room, and the ...
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drum machine for traditional drum sound?

I'm looking for a drum machine for a traditional analog sound, i mean for rock, not for electronic music, i'd just want the basic drum sound maybe a plugin for laptop? any suggestion is welcome! (i ...
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When Bjork met Attenborough, Biophilia, and crazy home-made devices ! (?)

Hi guys, more of a discussion than a question... Just watched a great little documentary "When Bjork met Attenborough". Was a Channel 4 programme here in the UK. Not sure if it'll be available to ...
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Has anyone built an audio equivalent of this?

This is a tool which generates imagery based on text prompts using machine learning tools. Does an equivalent for generating audio clips exist?
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