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Macbook Air internal mic is bad for recording vocal music. Should I use an external microphone to pick up sound from the amp? [closed]

I have a Macbook air which has a very bad internal mic to record vocal music, to be honest. I tried using an external mic of a headphone to record audio by keeping it near my Roland amp. This worked ...
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Speaker Noise with PC but not with Laptop

I have a noise problem with my speakers and my PC. I've tried everything I can think of and I still can't eliminate the noise. Speakers (Yamaha HS7 x2) quarter inch jack to RCA to connect to M-Audio ...
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Connect PS4 and Macbook together to analog speakers

I would like to connect my PS4 and Macbook Air together to analog audio speakers and easy work with that without switching wires all the time. PS4 has only Digital Output Audio (Toslink) and Macbook ...
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Macbook's DAC vs external / in-speaker DAC

I notice there are more and more speakers accepting digital inputs (USB / optical). I never had a chance to listen to those myself, so I wonder how would you compare sound quality of macbook's DAC ...
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Does iRig work with old Mac Air 2008 with OS X 10.6.8?

I was planning on buying an iRig since it seems to be such a useful little device. Problem is, I have PCs and Android cellphones and tablets--not a big Apple fan. I do have an old Macbook Air 2008 ...
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Pre-Film School Preparation

Hey guys, I'm going to be leaving for film school later this year and before I leave I was thinking of what would be the most essential things I would NEED to work on my school projects and other ...
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Mac Users: What Type Do You Use?

I'm looking into the possibility of getting a Mac. My question is which kind of Mac do you feel is most beneficial for a sound designer? The Mac 21.5-inch: 3.06GHz with the big screen and high spec? ...
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