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What do you get when an iPod goes through a washing machine?

This is more of a share and tell story then an actual question. I felt at least here this would be more appreciated then say... at my local coffee shop. I'm sure those girls are just being polite ...
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5 answers

Should I Buy A Sony PCM-M10?

I have a first generation M-Audio Microtrack (which I'm not a fan of) and was looking to pickup another portable recorder that I can fit in my pocket and barely notice it's there. This guy is getting ...
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Sony PCM-M10: safety track?

Suppose I feed an actress' mono lavalier mic into M10's Line-in. AFAIK there is no built-in safety track feature on M10, where I could set one channel's level to be say 12dB lower in case she yells. ...
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i have problem with my sony m10

i have problem with my sony m10, i recorded a live gig in outdoors rock festival, my problem is the sound i've recorded is very low , i used SP-CMC-8 mics and sp-spsb-11 battery box, sony m10 setting ...
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