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How to create non-specialist, yet convincing proof of 20-70Hz sound polution?

Due to a technical problem in the 4 story building I live in, everyday walking becomes amplified through the floor into my apartment as low frequency booming. I need to create proof in order to get ...
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Mixing voice audio for computer speakers

I have recorded dialogue to go into a computer game. The client insists that we take a "lowest common denominator" approach for mixing the audio. He wants to be biased towards the audio sounding good ...
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Creating a Thick, Smooth Bass

I'm trying to figure out how to create a nice thick sub bass like one used in professional hip hop and other pop electronic music and trap. I've been trying to emulate this nice low round sound that ...
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MKH8000 / MZF8000

I've put together a new M/S rig of a MKH8040 + MKH30 - still waiting for some of the pieces to arrive. I often hear about the strong low end pickup on the 8040 and know that's there's the MZF8000 ...
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Low frequency snake repellant

Hey guys I don't know if anyone here can help me, I have been contacted to create a sound that is going to chase snakes away, it isn't in the film industry, they want to be able to play it in a field ...
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Low End on Small Speakers

So I am working on a trailer for a video game that features Dinosaurs. I have big ol epic feet for the T-Rex - friggin epic on my monitors. But it seems like the only audio that finds its way through ...
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