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Blend to repeat a sound in audacity

I want to repeat the last ~6 seconds of my track in a blending fashing to extend the song for a few minutes. All I know how to do is cut the end, and repaste it, but this leads to a bumpy transition. ...
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Automated process to seamlessly loop music

I always loop audio tracks for my daily vlog. It's like audio track is 3 minutes but I make this audio like 20 minutes. I just find one point near the beginning that also appears near the end. Then ...
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how to meke fl studio stop adding new tracks every time it loops

i want to try loop recording on fl studio, i followed some tutorials on youtube and i got the hang of it but the problem is that fl studio adds a new track every time it loops help me please
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How To Loop A Sound In FL Studio?

I Want To Play An Element Say Piano With Notes C E C Continuously without any gaps or intervals at same bpm how can I do that without recording completely along the whole song.
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Nature Sounds Libraries in HQ: where?

can you point me to the best Nature Libraries that include ambience loops in super High Quality? I mean paid ones .. (so no Freesound or such) .. I need optimum quality and clarity so far I didn't ...
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How can I control the patch in cubase 5?

I use cubase and I control my instruments with MIDI. Now I want to know how to control the patch. Specifically I am using a MIDI file where the patch makes a reset where the sound is reset to patch 1....
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Wobbly sound FL Studio

I am writing a song on FL Studio, but when I have another instrument along with my main melody, the main melody sort of quietens every beat of the secondary instrument. It's very strange. I have ...
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How to make compressed audio loop without audible gap?

I am trying to create an M4A (MP3) audio track which must loop without audible gap. I've heard that compressed audio is padded with silence at the end to fill up missing samples in a block of ...
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broadcast tv/radio genre of music

Hi to all sounddesigners, a small poll for you. What genre of music for production elements loops do you prefer in your radio/tv sound libraries? What are more useful for you? Let me know. Have a ...
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Loop Group Options in the UK

Does anyone in the UK, or more specifically in the London area, know a crowd adr / loop group they'd recommend? A lot of loop groups can be a bit hammy or o.t.t - I've yet to hear anyone rave about a ...
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Making a sound that's loopable.

I want to make a rocket 'whooooooooooooooooooosh' sound that can go on FOREVER. I have the sound I like, I just need some protips on making it loop. I've been hacking away at it in Pro Tools, and when ...
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