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iPhone application for making notes about sound script when on location

I'm looking for software that can make a professional sound script and/or could be used to take notes just for myself with short cuts. For example: false take, airplane, noise take etc... I don'...
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3 answers

Location Sound Sound Proofing

I got a shooting on a couple of days. It's a bathroom scene with lot's of dialogue and a bedroom scene w lot's of sex ;) The problem is that both locations have windows looking directly to a busy ...
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3 answers

Low Dialog Recording

Hey Everyone, I accidentally messed up two days of location audio, by my FP-33 being set to Mic Level on its outputs, instead of Line. I know that my signal to noise is now completely ruined, but is ...
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4 votes
5 answers

Tablet for Location or Live Audio

Hey Guys, So I am starting to do more live sound gigs, traveling the world-over. I am going to be leaving my MacBook Pro at home from now on because I have seen a lot of them get bashed up on the ...
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