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Identify a technique used when miking boxing matches?

I've noticed that during some well-produced (HBO eg) boxing matches, sometimes the mix seems to include an audible 'swoosh' for a missed hook or other fast, wide punch. It's very effective and mostly ...
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iPhone application for making notes about sound script when on location

I'm looking for software that can make a professional sound script and/or could be used to take notes just for myself with short cuts. For example: false take, airplane, noise take etc... I don'...
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2 answers

Simulating a location recording

I'm looking for a way to convincingly manipulate a studio recording to sound like it's on location - for a radio piece. There are two interlocutors, and while their parts are being recorded separately,...
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how many inch maximum to place microphone overhead to get quality/clean dialogue. i know there is no rules for this, but just lets share how many inch roughly, so we know what each of us have in our mind too..

i roughly place 6-8inch above overhead to get the quality speech from the actor. doesn't matter it visible in frame or not, later i will use adobe after effect to take out the microphone in the frame. ...
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Mixing sound design with poorly recorded room audio/interviews

Apologies if this has been asked before. I'm designing around voice tracks, some of them recorded in studio and some with a portable recorder on location (talent's house). I find it hard to strike a ...
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Location Audio for "Man vs. Wild" - Methods/How?

I'm pretty impressed everytime I watch Man vs. Wild because of the quality of the location audio. I'm wondering if anyone knows what kind of gear they use? Ideas? Considering the exotic-ness of the ...
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The sound of home

Hi I'm doing a sound design project on "the sound of home", and I'm stuck. The concept is based on (from an anthropologist perspective) the different classifications of what makes a home, and the ...
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Sound Devices usbpre 2 as a location field mixer, thoughts?

Hello folks, So I was wondering if any of you have experience using the Sound Devices USB Pre2 in location audio recording situations. I was thinking of purchasing one and using a USB battery pack. It ...
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From PA to Location Audio or Sound Designer

I just received a phone call asking for my availability to work on my first MAJOR feature film as a production assistant. Normally, when I think of PAs, those are the guys wrangling extras or actors, ...