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What hardware do I need to feed samples + click to a drummer and samples only to the mixer?

We have a few songs where we'd like to play samples in the background. These need to be aligned perfectly with the song, so there's a click track, too. Currently, we have the drummer using a laptop ...
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Different Outputs for Different Tracks

Hi im wondering if its possible to have (for example) two tracks in the same project but have each track go to a different output? In this case i have a DI bass and a DI guitar, id like to route them ...
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How can I prevent strong interference from backflowing through a mixer's Master Output?

Here is the situation (pub/restaurant live performance setup): A musician has his own wireless microphones plugged into and mixed on a Bose T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine. This device also drives his ...
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Need advice for a two-person live music and video game streaming setup

My girlfriend live-streams games on Twitch. I want to live-loop music (guitar, keyboard, electronic drums) in the background that plays along with her stream. I want to be able to hear her computer ...
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Automate MIDI pitch in Ableton w/ 3rd Party Plugin Instrument

Checked out this but it didn't help me all the way N.I. Massive assign Pitch Bend Wheel to Macro I have an ableton rack with an instance of massive. I have my MIDI clip opened, clicked the (E) ...
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