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General/fundamental question about factors influencing audio quality

First of all, I apologize in advance for this question: this forum may not be a perfect fit for it, but it is the closest I could find on Stack Exchange. Furthermore, the 'How to Ask' posting ...
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Critical listening examples for compressors and digital filters?

I'm looking for listening examples for the following applications: -Compressors usage (what to listen for when changing parameters such as ratio, attack, release time, etc). I've found some material ...
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How do expensive headphones compare to cheaper ones? [closed]

Take the Monster Inspiration (specificially), how does a total audio noob know that these are worth the extra dosh in comparison to for example $100 Audio-Technica MX40's? Websites report on both ...
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Mix Up or Mix Down?

So normally when working with a mix, I generally (or at least I was taught to) mix with the rhythm section first and work my way up. In recency however, I've been hearing that it's more advantageous ...
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Dialogue - what to listen for

Hi guys As noted in a previous post, I am soemwhat of a newbie in terms of sound design and ear training. My current focus is on mixing dialogue, and I know a lot of people have asked before 'how do ...
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Misinterpreting sounds

Only a couple of times in my life do I remember hearing a sound & not being able to immediately identify its source, but the psychological distance between when you first notice it and then when ...
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a day or two without sight

I'm considering going a day or two with no sight (just wearing a blindfold). Not as some kind of artistic statement or anything, just to experience it. I'd like to really force my ears to tune in to ...
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"Re-watching" movies through audio rips

Just a warning, I'll probably be referencing the Sound of Star Wars a lot in the next little bit. In the introduction, by Ben Burtt, he talks about how he would record the sounds of movies -- and ...
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When the ears refuse to talk to the brain, what do you do?

When nothing sounds good, your favourite album sounds terrible, you struggle to create anything to satisfy your ear, how do you kick your brain back into gear? I've gone through periods like this. It ...
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How Do You Hone Your Acoustic Storytelling Skills?

I think it's safe to assume that this crowd loves a good story. Furthermore, I'm pretty sure that we're the ones who vocalize all the sounds and give voices to the characters when telling a co-worker ...
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On the hunt for a new pair of ears

Hey. I'm looking for a new pair of lightweight and compact (ideally closed back) headphones for field recording as my DT100s are a little bulky and I'm not happy with the quality with any other pair ...
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How to Develop Critical Listening Skills?

I'm new to the world of sound recording, and one of my questions is: What are some good ways to develop "critical listening skills"? While I realize that "listening" is highly subjective, I'd like to ...
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