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How do I cope with "spikes" in voice over

A speaker sent me totally unprocessed voice over recording. In this recoring, one can see "spikes". What is the usual way to deal with these? Thank you!
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How to remove this unnecessary high waveform that prevents me from amplifying to the highest possible (but still fine) decibel?

I want to remove all these high waveform (there are about 8 in this 5 minutes track, which I bookmarked), because if I select all > effect > Amplify, It only amplify about 3.2 db, but if I exclude ...
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(Noob) How to reduce and increase volume on a single track?

I would like to start a custom playlist of ambient tracks, for background music in RPGs. I have a lot of different tracks already, and downloaded and bought many already. My problem is, however that ...
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limiter settings for recording dialog

I need some help with getting the best release time for my Zoom F8's DIGITAL limiters. I know they don't actually limit the analog audio, and that the AD Converters are clipping, but I at least want ...
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Remove Buzzing on PC Line In Jack with Audio Compressor After Mixer

I have done some pretty detailed trouble shooting on this and just want to know what additional equipment or things to try to eliminate the electronic buzzing noise I get. PC Line In Jack Behringer ...
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When and how to set the limiter while mixing film?

Hi there! I was wondering how poeple set their limiter while mixing film for theater and/or dvd. There can be found a lot about speaker calibration and just mixing by ear after your calibration is ...
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Know Your Limits

Greetings, I've been wondering about this for a while and after a fireworks recording session last week I thought about it some more. So where better place to get some wise answers than SSD! When ...
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