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9 answers

What's the best advice you've received early on that's helped you in your career?

I'm curious as to what little nuggets o' wisdom you've received that have really hit home with you and helped you in your life/career. Two that come to mind for me are... 1) P.M.A. - Positive ...
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3 votes
5 answers

What do you value in life? / Do your values affect what you choose to work on?

Now this is a very deep and philosophical question that digs into the personal level. It could be even slightly offensive. But given that many here work in many other forms of media than just ...
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2 votes
9 answers

Ever feel like you were better for the job?

How do you promote yourself and your skills? How do you make them known? I've tried promoting and putting together a really nice show-reel and I constantly get good comments of how well I am to work ...
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Silence in your life

As we all here linked somehow with sound and it can be vital part in our life - What role in your life silence plays?
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