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Mixing analog LFE channel with analog stereo signal

So, is it possible to mix a mono analogue LFE channel signal into a stereo L/R signal on both stereo channels on-the-fly, using a simple device (mixer?), with a possibility to adjust the volume of ...
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Problem with LFE channel in mixing

I have question about 5.1 . Is this right that we shouldnt have any soundeffects on LFE channel and all the sound effects Need to be sent to that channel?(in protools)
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Waves LoAir layering

How is everyone using LoAir? do you bounce it on the effect more often, or do you bounce it, and then layer it with the original? I was trying to do it before with just the "Direct" mix, but it seems ...
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Mixing Environments: How they translate

I'm currently final mixing a low budget feature, here's the deal: I'm mixing in a smallish room (16'x13') on JBL LSR 4328s + sub, set up for 5.1, but i'm not totally sure how to make sure my mix ...
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Newbie Question: How to add more dynamics to recordings

All I've got is a Zoom H4n and I'm trying to get into the habit of recording and creating sounds myself, although everything I record usually sounds very weak I've tried using LFE's, EQing, pitch ...
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Tips for making LFE

We all know and love the LFE and we can feel it in our bones when it shows itself. Does anybody have some tips on making Low Frequency Effects?
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