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career opportunities in sound other than films

I would like to know what are the career opportunities for someone who has a knowledge of sound recording/ designing? I do know about opportunities in the field of film, radio, advertising . but are ...
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How to get into business as a boom operator

Here in Germany, many production sound mixers in film get booked directly by production companies. They often bring along their boom operator of choice. They seldom offer rookie trainig or internships....
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Quick survey re: job offers

In order of importance please list A, B, C, D below starting with the most important to you: When you are considering a job, what are the most important aspects to you: A) The people involved. B) ...
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Job opportunities

Does anyone know the difference in job opportunities between video game sound design and film sound design. Which one has more opportunities to get a job, know from experience? Is the pay any ...
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