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Logic Pro X keeps making my tracks HUGE whenever I click on the track, won't stop doing it!

Whenever I click on the track (to unmute it, to click it to re-order it, or just simply click the track) all the tracks become big, if I click them in any way again they get even bigger, and this ...
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Metallic reverb from ceiling, only in 1 room

I just moved into a new house and I'm having an extremely strange sound issue with one of the rooms. Everything within the room reverberates with a strong metallic sound that appears to originate from ...
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What is happening in my audio interface?

Following this question, I acquired a second hand Behringer U-Phoria UMC404HD audio interface. I'm suprised to find out that it seems to totally distort, or apply filter to my audio input. To better ...
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Issues with microphone cables

I'm new to sound design but I noticed something odd with a set of cables I purchased. I have a set of 3' Xlr cables that I purchased along with a set of Xlr(Female) to 1/4"(Male) adapters. I am ...
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Microphone hum when plugged into interface

I have 2 brand new Lewitt 550 LCT microphones plugged into the RME Fireface UC audio interface using XLR cables. The interface is plugged into a MacBook via USB cable. There is a constant humming ...
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Is a 744t supposed to get very hot when charging the battery?

So I probably already know the answer to this question myself: NO! But I'm going to ask anyway, mostly because I'm curious if anybody else has experienced something similar. I had bought a Sound ...
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Moving Nuendo Project

Hi, I had a students come in and try to dump a Nuendo 4 project on to the MACs in my department and all was well until he realized that all his automation was not included in the OMF. Is there ...
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