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Is it possible to create an IR (Impulse Response) file for use as a Low Pass Filter?

Is it possible to create an IR Impulse Response WAV file (FIR speaker cabinet frequency response profile) to simply remove top end from the frequency response of a guitar amp modeller? It requires a '...
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Is there any reason that AudioEase couldn't make an IR from the Tenman Horn?

Just heard about this 80 year old technology making a comeback on NPR this evening. A 27' horn loudspeaker? Yes, I think it would make a great IR:
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Underwater Convolution IRs?

Hi All, Does anyone know where I can get a free or cheap decent underwater or 'river' IR? In the past I have loaded the sound of a stone being dropped in water as my IR but I want to see if there's a ...
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Separating Early reflections from Diffuse in an Impulse Response

How would you separate the early reflections from the diffuse in an Impulse Response? I'm talking about before you put it into a convolution plugin. I'd like to use only the early responses of a ...
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Impulse Responses (IRs) - Do you download, buy, or DIY?

A little background: I'm trying to expand my library of IRs. While I have access to TL Space, Waves IR-L, and Altiverb the most readily available (installed in the room I do most of my work in) is TL ...
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