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Is this a sensible setup for interviews?

I'm buying equipment for a series of sit-down interviews involving two people which will be published online - our company's first go at producing these in-house. We already have a few decent ...
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Audio compression and/or EQ for general podcast recording software

I’m building general podcast recording software for users who are generally unfamiliar with audio. What is the best default configuration that I can provide for a dynamics compressor, filters, and/or ...
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Questions asked during video game job interviews?

I've managed to get a skype interview for a position of Junior Sound Designer in a big game compagny. I'm french and my english oral skills are a bit rusty, so i'd like to train a bit before this ...
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Suggestions for recording club speeches/talks

Hi I have regularly been asked to record talks and speeches at a private members' club. In the past the most successful recordings were made with my Sony ECM907 on 120 deg setting into my Edirol R-...
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