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mixing audio live over the internet between mac & pc

Mixing audio on a DAW.. Trying to connect over the internet to share audio with the artist & live mix. Stereo wav quality HD if possible. Tight sync not needed.... Mac & PC Thank you GP
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Surround in Hangouts [closed]

I have done a search of the question database and I wasn't able to find if what I'm looking for is possible, tho it really should be. When talking about sound holography, in most SurroundSound ...
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Any tips or thoughts on making fight scenes loud / mixing for The Internet?

Let me preface this by saying that I'm aware of the issues of maxing things out but at the end of the day the folks paying me want things to be bassier, punchier, fuller and ultimately LOUDER. This is ...
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Social Sound Design RSS Feed

Does anyone know if it's possible to integrate the question feed from SSD homepage into my Igoogle home page? I was just thinking of making SSD my home page but if the above can be done that would be ...
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Mixing trailers for the internet

Hi All, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster, so thanks for all the great advice I've absorbed from you all already. I'm designing / mixing some trailers specifically for the internet, and was ...
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Remixing For The Internet?

I was wondering if there were any quick approaches from taking a soundtrack that has a wide dynamic range (film) and compressing it for something like the internet, where most things seem to be ...
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Do you have any info. about sound design for small internet based games?

I was wondering if anyone has experience doing sound design for some of the many games on the internet like Facebook apps and games or for phone games like angry birds..... Or if someone has info on ...
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