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Why do I get low frequency audio buzz during recording?

So I have a semi-ghetto system set up for recording on my PC using a shure sm58 microphone, it is on a modified lamp stand to suspend it in mid air, so it has no chance of vibration interference, and ...
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How to stop USB Audio Interface distorting sound in Ubuntu?

I have very simple USB interface (Line 6 Tone Port UX1), and I would like to use it's microphone and instrument plugs, to record some things in Ubuntu. The interface works very well in windows. In ...
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Anyone have any luck fixing/attenuating wireless hits?

Hey Guys, A buddy of mine recently came to me with a seminar vid that contains some pretty nasty RF hits. Unfortunately the only sources are the lav on the speaker and the onboard camera audio (which ...
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How can I prevent strong interference from backflowing through a mixer's Master Output?

Here is the situation (pub/restaurant live performance setup): A musician has his own wireless microphones plugged into and mixed on a Bose T1 ToneMatch Audio Engine. This device also drives his ...
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Blue Yeti suddenly has static, hissing, RFI, ground loop? "Alien robot sounds"

Just today my Blue Yeti has started putting out what was described to me as on TS and Discord as "alien robot sounds". When monitoring it through its 3.5 mm jack, I don't hear it, but I have ...
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