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How to track/record infrasound

Not sure whether this is the right place, but we've recently in our house been aware of what feels like an ultra low frequency infrasound. It's almost like an engine idling, you don't so much hear it ...
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Mapping from Sound Pressure To Frequency Domain

I have a gem infrasound recorder which samples a pressure transducer. The raw data I get back is the sound pressure. I admittedly don't know what that means, but I do know I need to find out how to ...
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What's the lowest analog audio sound that a CD/44.1kHz audio system can make?

CDs, and other 44.1kHz sampling audio systems, can produce a maximum sound frequency of 20khz in the analog audio range (I'm not sure how the maths goes, but that's apparently true). My question is, ...
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To record infrasonic sound in the presence of ultrasonic sound.

I am planning to build something. For that I need to able be to record the sound less than 200 Hz, however sounds with higher frequency are present. Is there a method to avoid high frequency sounds ...
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Infrasound, 19Hz, Resonating Eyeballs and Other Psychoacoustic Tricks

Hello all, this is my first question on this forum. I'm curious about the use of infrasound in films/movies. I believe a number of studies have shown that infrasound (frequencies below 20Hz) can be ...
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Harmonics and InfraSound

Hey everyone, So this is my first time asking a question. So here is the setup. I'm currently in pre-production of a film in which I am doing both production and post audio. It is a thesis film ...
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