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3 answers

Dialog through slightly opened door/ Reverb?

Hello everyone, I am working on the sounddesign for a movie and I am kind of stuck with a dialogue scene where two characters are talking through a slightly opened appartment door. In theory, as ...
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6 answers

Recording dialogue indoors

I'm working on a production next week we're I'll be booming inside a diner but I only have a Rode NTG-3 , Blue Bluebird, MXL 991 SDC. I don't have any hypercardioid microphones, but would it be ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Buying a microphone for indoor dialogue

I am about to invest in a super cardioid or hyper cardioid for recording quality indoor dialogue on set.I have had some advice from the forum in a previous question and was suggested the MK41 capsule ...
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