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Sound source located in a room with opened door and listener is outside

This question has been bothering me for a while, so the situation is next: imagine that you have a person talking to you surrounded by four walls with an opened door and you are as a listener located ...
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How to sound-proof glass door with everyday things?

Not sure if this is question for this part of SE. Anyway, how would you sound proof a door that is made just with wood frame and a sheet of glass 5 milimeters thick? I got to some ideas like Egg ...
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7 answers

Indoor Mic Conundrum

Hi Guys Going crazy atm trying to decide on which avenue to go down. I'm currently trying to find a decent hypercardioid mic for an indoor dialogue boom situation for at the most £300. So far I've ...
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Can a shotgun microphone be used for indoor use too?

I'm making some serious decisions about my beginner package for sound recording and looking to get a shotgun microphone. I'm trying to stretch my budget as far as possible. It seems a decent shotgun ...
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Cardiod vs. Hyper/Super Cardoid for inside speach

I'm researching about what microphone I should pick up as my first mic. I've boomed on several short films and am at the point where picking up a portable mixer and mic collection come in handy. ...
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Recording an ice hockey session

Hi there, Been following this site for a while, but first time I'm posting - great initiative & resource! I am looking into ways of recording an ice hockey session - basically not a real ice ...
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2 answers

Recording Guns Indoors

I have the pleasure of being able to record a gun (powder charge only) being fired inside of a large concrete room. I have read a lot about shooting outdoors from Chuck Russom, but I'm wondering if ...
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