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Research on independent / freelance sound designers

Hi all, I'm in the process of setting myself up as a sole trader for sound design services in the south east of England. I've been freelancing for a couple of years and operate a relatively humble ...
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Guerilla Style Recording...

Im about to embark on a indie feature road trip movie. This story thrives on improvisation with characters and "real life" people. What kind of tricks do you know that could help get the cleanest ...
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Is it good or bad to be a specialist?

I am wondering where the divide is between being a sound effects person and being a dialogue person (and can I guide myself toward one or the other?) I am constantly forced into projects where I must ...
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No-Contract Legal Issue

Scenario: You were picked up by a remotely run (no studio, just run over the internet on no server - skype file transfer only) indie developer, one with a goal in mind by a certain date. You were ...
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"But there aren't any of [insert object/animal/sound/etc] in the movie." How many indie directors say that and what is the relevance?

So I've read it and now I've heard it. How many people have heard such a thing? What does it mean (other than the obvious) and what can you say? Might it also mean that these things can be lower ...
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