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Importing plugins in Nuendo and Cubase

I am having trouble with importing VST plugins to Nuendo 4 and Cubase 5. I copied the .dll file, pasted it in the Steinberg plugins folder that came with the installation of the software, tried adding ...
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How do I fix odd waveform/playback import issues in Ableton Live?

I recorded a few tracks in Ableton Live for a client, then exported them so he could have a friend pitch correct them using Melodyne. After getting the tracks back and importing them into Ableton ...
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How to export an Apple sound to Cubase

I'm moving my projects from Logic Pro X to Cubase. For a midi track, I used an Apple sound (Infinity strings). I really need this sound and can't find anything similar in Cubase library (there must ...
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What formats does SoundMiner accept to import Metadata?

I'd like to update my metadata outside of SoundMiner, but I don't know what format it accepts. Is it XML, CSV or something else? In short: What format does SoundMiner accept to import metadata from? ...
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How to automatically create one pattern for each imported midi track?

I'm using FL Studio 12. When I import a MIDI file with multiple tracks, it creates a single pattern (and a separate channel for each MIDI track). I can then click on "Split by channel" to ...
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Cubase: How to import multiple tempo tracks or midi files in one project?

When you import a MIDI file into a Cubase project, you're asked to either create a new project to import into, or import into the currently active project. You cannot select multiple files in the ...
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How to treat all audio as "one shot" in Acid Pro 7 and disable tempo

I'm using Acid pro to mix down my radio show and it's driving me mad because it tends to import all samples as "loop" or "Beatmapped" and I have to change them manually. I'd also like to disable the ...
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Imported dialog track distorting

I just imported the dialog audio from the QT video of this clip and for some reason the clip gets really distorted, but sounds fine on the actual QT video. I imported other SFX files into the session ...
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Error while importing from OMF

Hello. I'm posting this question here because I have scoured the DUC unsuccessfully and hopefully you might be able to help me: I'm trying to import session data from an OMF exported from Media ...
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