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In Adobe Audition, is there a way to capture entire Multitrack session as an Image, like JPEG or PNG?

I want to show the procedure and look of my edit and mixing to people and also to client. Is there a way to capture / export session mixed tracks as image formats like JPG or PNG ? Any script or ...
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Rober Bresson's notes on sound Sight and Hearing To know what business that sound (or that image) has there. What is for the eye must not duplicate what is for the ear. If the eye is ...
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When do you "score the opposite" in sound design including musically or when play out the image literally through sound?

When you use sound you may use it to accentuate a situation or play out the emotions and ideas of the image through the sound or you might use the opposite of the image to dictate the sound. When do ...
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converting Images into music masterpieces

I wrote a article on this subject at my blog and was wondering people thoughts on it. As in do you think that these forms of experimental music will they ever be able to build a real following like ...