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Why does garageband does not detect the instrument plugin I installed?

I am trying to use this particular piano plugin on my GarageBand DAW on a Macbook. I downloaded it, unarchived (unzipped) it and installed the .pkg ...
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iMac noise through mixer [duplicate]

I have an iMac with a Numark interface for audio and MIDI connected with USB. I have the audio out from the computer connected through a patch bay into a Yamaha mixer and speaker system. My problem ...
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How is Soundflower an Output Audio Device?

I understand Soundflower to be a tool to capture computer system audio, and thus setting up as an input makes sense (or as an Aggregate Device) in Audio Midi Setup. But then... Q1) Why is ...
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Line-in recording w/ 2012 iMac possible?

The late 2012 iMac update simplified the analog line-in/out and headphone jack. Moving from a MacBook Pro to this iMac, I am now unable to record with my external dynamic mic and small Mackie mixer ...
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Sync Picture/Sound over HDMI on iMac in Protools: How to check?

Hi, I was wondering if there are any other solutions to checking sync in PT9 than Syncheck3. It's quite expensive and hope there is another way to do it. Arnoud
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iMac Workstation

Does anyone do any heavy sound design on an iMac? Just curious. I was looking to purchase one for the home but I'm not too keen on its expandability (surround sound) and am wondering a bit about its ...
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Cheap interface and speaker

I have iMac and I am looking to buy some cheap 5.1 or 7.1 external audio card and set of speakers for my home. I don't need anything hi-level because most of my work I do in studio. (source: m-audio....
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