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How can I avoid the sound from my computer speakers being picked up by my mic during Zoom calls?

Just started using a Samson C01 condenser XLR microphone + Audient Evo 4 audio interface for sound on my Zoom calls. Headphones aren't very comfortable for me, so I use speakers to listen to the audio....
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Picking Sennheiser MKH 8040 or 8050 in MS setup?

Hello there! I am about to assemble a MS microphone set for field recordings; after some testing and researching I have decided to go the Sennheiser route with a MKH 30 for the side, and either a MKH ...
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7 answers

Indoor Mic Conundrum

Hi Guys Going crazy atm trying to decide on which avenue to go down. I'm currently trying to find a decent hypercardioid mic for an indoor dialogue boom situation for at the most £300. So far I've ...
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Foley Mic: Shotgun vs Hyper?

When picking a foley mic, I've seen lots of recommendations, both hypers and shotguns, but I'm unclear as to where each would have their place in a foley kit. If not on a soundstage getting the ...
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