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How would you design the sound of a submersible propeller?

POST-MORTEM: Using a variety of tools and manipulating them underwater while recording with a 3 different pairs of hydrophones (for a total of 6 different perspectives) yielded truly wonderful results!...
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Stereo Hydrophone Technique

I've got a stereo pair of JrF hydrophones which I've not used very much, other than just testing them out around the house. I'm planning a trip to the coast in a week or so and want to give them a ...
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Waterproof covering for microphones

So, this is kind of an embarrassing question as it alway seems to raise eyebrows. I'm looking at trying out some underwater recording and I'm looking to find out your recommendations as to which ...
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Hydrophone as a contact mic?

Hello, I don't own a hydrophone yet so I can't try this out myself. Out of curiosity, I was just wondering if you can use a hydrophone like a contact mic? As far as I understand it both types of mic ...
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Pushing your hydrophone to the limit

Who has risked their microphone investment and have it pay off? Submerged in boiling water Frozen in ice Dipped in liquids other than water, ie. syrup, molasses, oil, etc Floated close to hazardous ...
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Hydrophone Recording

Hey Folks, I have to record a variety of underwater movement and I'm in the process of doing some experimentation. I currently own 2 dolphin ear pros, but I'm not totally happy. I'm wondering if ...
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