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microphone selection to record boiling of water

I want to record boiling sound of water with less surrounding noise and trying to record as much detail it can be . please suggest me an affordable microphone who can does the job and can give me much ...
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Recording Music For A Doc, In The Amazon Jungle

Hello Friends, I come seeking advice about a potentially awesome opportunity to record an amazing group musicians in the amazon jungle in a couple of months. The Doc will revolve around the journey ...
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Problems with MKH 416 - Humidity maybe?

I am on a shoot using a 416 as my boom running into an SD 302 mixer and then down to a tascam HD P2 for record. Beginning of the day I had great signal coming from the shotgun, as the day ...
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Acclimation for mics?

Say you're on a shoot in the Caribbean. You've got your mics stored safely in a hotel room with wonderful A/C and you're going out for your first shot of the day which will be pretty humid and hot ...
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Silica Keep-Dry Bags

Maybe a simple question, but how long do silica bags stay good for. If I keep them with my mics to protect from humidity, do I need to change them occasionally or are they good forever...?
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Advice for recording in high humidity

I have a film project later in the year that will require ambience recording in Samoa in high humidity - I'd appreciate any advice of potential issues from any similar experiences?
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